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Waist Training – Where the Old Becomes New Again

Waist training is once again gaining popularity. Some say it may be due to the celebrities who are practicing it or the fact that the fashion industry once again has an obsession with the hourglass figure. You may be surprised to learn that this practice has been around for centuries. Although, it was not referred to as waist training, the practice of wearing corsets, it was just the way fashion was worn centuries ago. I still remember a scene from “Gone With the Wind” when Scarlett was holding onto the bed rail as her Mammy was pulling the strings of her corset. I’m sure back in those days waist training was not on their minds. Today it is given the definition of gradually reducing your waist size through the habitual wearing of corsets and is becoming a fashion trend by many.

You have been considering getting in on this trend and wonder how to begin. For the process to work successfully you must wear a corset on a continuous basis. If it is physically possible, wearing it daily will give you the best results. This process is very slow and you must have patience. The most important aspect of the waist training process is how the corset fits. The best scenario is to go to a corset maker and try many different corsets to see what type gives you the best fit. If this is not possible buying a high quality corset will also work well.

Many post pregnant women practice the process of waist training in order to regain the figure they once had before pregnancy. It has also been shown to help strengthen their abdominal muscles and helps put everything “back into place.”

Other women claim the biggest benefit they found from this practice is the boost in their self-esteem. This is not surprising since we come from such a body conscience society. They find the practice of waist training to be very empowering, giving them the confidence they had never experienced before. If this does not give you the incentive to run out and buy your favorite corset maybe the health benefits will. The construction of the corset automatically gives you the effect of good posture, which can give you the support you need if you suffer from any kind of back discomfort. Good posture also has a psychological benefit. Without realizing it good posture automatically makes you feel more confident and gives the people around you the impression about you as well.

As you can see, there are many more benefits of waist training than just a slim waist. Remember, a perfect fitting corset is the key to success. Just like anything else, if you are not comfortable you will not continue your journey. In this case, to achieve the hourglass figure you have always craved. Whether you buy off the rack or have a custom-designed corset make sure it fits you comfortably and looks sexy throughout your waist training adventure.

Latex Waist Training Corsets
Latex Waist Training Corsets
Latex Waist Training Corsets
Leopard Waist Training Corset
Leopard Waist Training Corset
Leopard Waist Training Corset
Latex Girdle Vest Body Shaper
Latex Girdle Vest Body Shaper
Latex Girdle Vest Body Shaper


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A Latex Waist Training Corset with Pizzazz

The Animal Print Latex Waist Training Corset helps you achieve the hourglass figure you have always dreamed of with the added pizzazz of an animal print. Look sexy and feel sexy as you watch the inches melt away. This beautiful garment’s inner layer is constructed of 100 percent latex rubber. Being constructed in this way creates compression and stimulates perspiration, which is what helps The Animal Print Latex Waist Training Corset perform its magic in your midsection. The lining is made of cotton and spandex and the outer layer is also contains 100 latex along with a silky animal print that makes your figure pop. This garment’s quality made construction creates increased thermal activity, which simply means you will see results much quicker than you may have imagined.

Of course the results you receive depends on how often you wear The Animal Print Latex Waist Training Corset. If you have never worn a Corset before it is recommended that you wear it for four to five hours at first so your body can become accustomed to it. As you become comfortable you can wear it continuously while doing your daily activities. A definite plus is that you can wear The Animal Print Latex Waist Training Corset and Sport Waist Training Corset during your workout as well. It is constructed with a latex workout band for extra comfort. Your movements are not restricted in any way.

Other unique features include FlexiBoning, which provides extra support to the areas you are targeting. In this case it is your waistline and abdomen. It also has two sets of hook-and-eye closures. Having two sets allows you to adjust The Animal Print Latex Waist Training Corset as your waistline gets slimmer and slimmer. The hook-and-eye closures are located in the front of the garment for added convenience when you are adjusting it and taking it on or off.  This high quality construction practically screams success.

The Animal Print Latex Waist Training Corset comes in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing any body type to experience the joy of creating an hourglass figure. It can even be worn by postpartum women. It will help them regain their prepregnancy figure quicker while giving them added additional back support and great posture. The benefit of additional back support and better posture will benefit every woman.  It helps you breathe better, which in turn gives you more energy throughout your day regardless of what tasks are ahead of you. This is a definite plus with The Animal Print Latex Waist Training Corset.

The amazing features of this undergarment undoubtedly benefit your body, but it also benefits your self-esteem. How? Feeling better about your physique and having more energy boosts your self-esteem. The beauty of The Animal Print Latex Waist Training Corset also makes you feel sexy and special while you watch your inches melt away. Can you think of a better way to build your self-confidence?



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You can wear waist training corset at work, when you are walking or at gym.

Check which celebrities are wearing waist training corsets

Get your Hour Glass shape in less than 3 months, be a celebrity!!!!

Waist Training

The old time fashion accessory made famous again by the Khardashian sisters, the waist training corset. Yes, its true. An unmentionable from the turn of 2 centuries ago is now one of the most talked about fashion accessories around. And if you want to get in on the trend in Calgary, Waist Training is the place to go.

What is a Waist Training corset?

The products featured at Waist Training are more than simple foundation garments. These are actually corset waist training appliances which, while comfortable, attractive and extremely well made, help to shape your waist into the kind of contours that you want others to see.

A waist trainer from Waist Training does more just hold you in, though. When worn regularly for a few weeks, the shape is retained by the body even after the body shaper is taken off. This effect can last for days and is perfect for swimsuit season when you still want that knockout figure but can’t wear your underwear.

An hourglass waist trainer for a classic film star Silhouette:

Among the many models available from Waist Training is a special series designed to create the classic hourglass figure that was so popular in the 1950’s and 60’s. For more active people who are still figure conscious, sports oriented latex waist trainer models are available that can help support and shape your figure during your regular exercise times.

Waist Training corset training garments gives your waist curves while keeping your back straight

One of the positive comments of corsets throughout the centuries is the effect that they have on the posture of the wearer. While the tightness may have been  something to complain about in the old time bone and lace models, helping the wearer to maintain a correct posture prevented common problems in modern times like chronic back pain, fatigue, shortness of breath and other deteriorating effects of not standing and sitting straight.

The best waist trainer from Waist Training gives Shape with comfort

Modern waist training corsets are made from light weight, breathable material that is comfortable and easy to care for. Rather than laces and stays, the figure sculpting compression is achieved by strong but gentle latex panels precision placed to produce the desired effect with the least discomfort.

Waist Training corset training models include:

  • Colombian waist training corset, a favourite of the Khardashians
  • Animal Prints, for when you want your figure to show off your corset as much as the corset shows off your figure.
  • Breast supporting models for a complete full figure makeover.
  • Men’s models that help support the back during exercise and produce the Adonis like body that men want.

So for the best waist trainers in any category, see Waist Training for your foundation garment needs.

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