The Powernet Bodysuit Makes Your Whole Body Rock

Powernet-Bodysuit-Side-White by WaisttraningPowernet BodysuitIf you don’t want all eyes on you as you walk down the street or make your co-workers lose their train of thought when you enter the office don’t even think about buying the Powernet Bodysuit. If you like this scenario than this garment is for you. The body shaper compresses your body, but does it in such a way that it enhances your curves in a very flattering way. This bodysuit slims and tones your hips, abdomen, back and thighs. Its construction also enhances your breast and buttocks at the same time. The Powernet Bodysuit goes to your knees to slim your legs and hips. Your buttock is enhanced by the cutouts made on the backside of the garment. This exposure is done purposely to enhance your beautiful booty.

The material used to create this garment is called, powernet, which is a combination of nylon and spandex. This combination gives optimal control to the abdomen, waist, hips and legs. It is also a breathable material that you are able to wear anytime of the year while doing any activity. It gives you the freedom to move with beautiful curves. No wonder the Powernet Bodysuit is such a hit with so many women.

This garment has many convenient features such as adjustable shoulder straps that lift and enhance your bust while still giving you the ability to wear the bra of your choice. The adjustable straps ensure that you get the most comfortable fit with the Powernet Bodysuit. You may be under the impression that a bodysuit would be hard to get in and out of. That is not the case with this garment. It has an open gusset, which is an additional piece of fabric that adds breadth giving you additional comfort. It also has a zipper on the abdomen that enables you to easily put it on and take it off. It is clear that the Powernet Bodysuit has given attention to every detail.

Like most compression garments this bodysuit helps correct your posture and gives you additional back support, which can be a definite benefit if you have a job in which you are constantly sitting. It eliminates back pain and fatigue. It will also give you a more confident posture. Having a confident posture has been shown to give you additional confidence and makes the people around you get the same impression about you. It is easy to get more confidence when your body looks so awesome in the Powernet Bodysuit.

This undergarment helps postpartum women conceal their post-pregnancy weight. It also gives them the additional back support and posture that is needed while caring for their new child, especially when breast-feeding. The Powernet Bodysuit is their wardrobe must have.

Do yourself a favor and purchase this incredible undergarment. Show off your beautiful silhouette and be proud of the body you were born with. The Powernet Bodysuit wants every woman to be the best they can be with comfort and style.

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