The Bodysuit Has Come a Long Way

BodysuitThe bodysuit has been defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as, “A piece of clothing that fits tightly and covers the body except for the legs and sometimes the arms.” If you want to impress your friends and family, tell them that this first know type of garment was worn in 1969. Also, they were mostly worn by athletes.

As many people as are now aware the bodysuit is still tight fitting, but due to many advances in the garment industry they can be made in many different ways for many different reasons. It would be interesting to learn if in 1969 compression garments where even considered as a use for the very versatile garment. Due to the fact that compression bodysuits have become such a popular garment in our society today lets discuss them further.

While the compression in this garment has helped both men and women medically after many abdominal surgeries that is not the main focus here. We are going to discuss the bodysuit that has helped women achieve the sought after hourglass figure that has been popular in Hollywood for centuries.

So, why is the compression bodysuit so popular? There are many different versions of this garment. Just like other garments some are made with high quality materials and others are made well. Regardless of the price range you chose the principle material used in the compression bodysuit is latex. Latex is used because it stimulates the perspiration process that “ignites” the thermal process. This whole process helps your body transform itself slowly to the hourglass shape so many desire. The more you wear the garment the faster the transformation will occur.

The compression bodysuit is also very popular with postpartum women. It helps them get back to their prepregnancy weight much quicker with style and comfort. An additional benefit for all women, postpartum or not, is the extra back and abdominal support it provides. Having good posture has proven to have both physical and psychological benefits. Besides the obvious health benefits you may be surprised to learn that the better your posture the better you breathe, which lessens your fatigue enabling you to accomplish much more during your day. Also, when you are standing straighter you give off an air of confidence that is recognized by all those you come in contact with.

The garment is comfortable as well. You’re thinking, how latex and sweating can be comfortable. Well, it is because of the additional materials that complete this uniquely designed bodysuit. It has a spandex and cotton lining as well as FlexiBoning, which enables free movement, whatever your activity may be.

This is only one of the amazing bodysuits that have been created since 1969. Designers are coming up with new designs and new technology in design every day. It is exciting to think what new things will be created in the future. In the meantime, enjoy your hourglass figure with the amazing compression bodysuit. Enjoy your transformation.

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